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Puerto Rico: Wedding Location - Beach Rentals

Imagine this: It's your wedding day, you are staying in a beautiful home or condo, surrounded by your closest friends/family, a make-up artist is finishing all the girls, when it is time for your ceremony. You take a few steps to walk out the back to the beach, where your wedding is set up right there on the sand, the waves crashing on the shore. After the ceremony everyone gets comfortable, and you head out to a local restaurant for your casual (or formal) wedding dinner. This is your wedding, easy-peasy!

For smaller groups (2-12+), renting an Airbnb (or VRBO, hometogo, and others) can be the ideal destination. There are hundreds of options in every area of Puerto Rico, from cute little condos to big houses with multiple rooms or a group of units together, everyone staying at the same location. Pricing for larger homes/units can be about $1,500 for a week; smaller units can run $150 a night, both of which are much less than a resort/hotel. The best part is that the beach is free to use (pending approval of the owner/manager, which you need to get in advance).

This option checks off both where you are going to stay and where you are going to have the ceremony. All you have to do now is book the flights! The right officiant (me, obviously!) can help with referrals for photographers, make-up, florists, and other professionals to make your day perfect! Let's get married in Puerto Rico!

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