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Puerto Rico: YOUR Custom Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

rehearsing your custom wedding ceremony

[Yes, my dogs get married several times a week as I rehearse your custom wedding ceremony.]

Today's blog post is to define what I mean when I refer to writing your customized wedding ceremony. It is also very popular to have a friend or family member act as the officiant at your wedding, and I offer my custom ceremony writing service for them as well. Here is an overview of how I write your wedding ceremony:

1) The first step is a consultation meeting, where I ask questions of the couple about themselves. I get to know them, whether by phone or in-person, and get a feel for the type of ceremony they prefer. In a short period of time, with targeted questions, I can usually determine several very personal details that I then incorporate into the ceremony. At times I find sensitive areas to avoid, nearly as important.

2) One of the critical points is RELIGION, and I ask the couple to give me on a scale of 0-10 (0 being none, 10 being very religious) where they are comfortable in their ceremony. There is no right or wrong answer, just information so I can write a ceremony that fits you. If the couple is religious we discuss their religion and I can incorporate elements of it. I have added aspects of Catholic, Jewish, all types of Christian, and Hindu into ceremonies, and can respectfully mimic the style of your religion, or include no religion at all.

3) How many guests will be at your wedding? For a wedding with just the couple I speak directly to the couple in a more intimate manner; for large weddings I use different phraseology to address the group (you vs. they, as an example).

4) Personal vows are an opportunity in the ceremony to address your love for each other. Some couples do this, some don't. If you choose to, you can read a poem, your written notes, or off the top of your head (don't do this, write them down).

5) Lastly any requests from the couple, typically regarding rituals/ceremonies they would like to include, such as a sand, unity candle, wine, hand-holding, or others that they may want. At times it takes a little research on my part, but I can incorporate just about anything the couples would like. Many ask for a simple ceremony, others want to include family or friends in some way, sometimes we honor someone that is no longer with us.

Finally I take all of this information and write the first draft of your wedding ceremony (the same applies to renewal of vows). Then I email it to you; sometimes it's perfect the first time, other times you give me feedback and I edit, then return to you. We do this until it is perfect for you both. Then we have a spectacular wedding with a ceremony that is personal and perfectly customized for you, on your day!

** Contact me for sample ceremonies. **

** If for any reason you can't view this blog, contact me and I'll email you a clean copy. **

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