"When you witness the vast ocean together, it evokes awe and splendor.  It is indescribable and immense.  This is the same feeling that you discovered by falling in love with each other."

-From the Wedding Ceremony of A. & J.


Wedding Ceremony Services

My service to you includes:

  • Consultation meeting in-person or by phone to get to know you both

  • Officiant services for your customized,  personal wedding ceremony experience

  • I can help you to find the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, and I have videos of many locations to give you ideas (see my "Video" page to get started)

  • Off-hour ceremony (midnight? sunrise?)

  • Wine, Sand, Hand-Holding, or Unity Candle Ceremony/Ritual (many others)

  • Have an idea?  We can do it!  Tell me what you want on your day - it's done!

From $400 - $550 *

* Based on time, day and location.

Standard fee is $400

Ceremony Writing Service

When you have your own Officiant but need a customized, personal ceremony:

  • The process: consult to get to know you both, write the first draft, you give feedback, I edit, repeat until it's perfect

  • Your ceremony can include any rituals or ideas that you have, and I can give guidance on how to perform them

  • You can then use the ceremony however you choose

  • If the ceremony is in P.R. I can assist with getting legally married

From $200

Get Legally Married in PR

I am an expert, and I'm here to help!


My legal services:

  • Every step of the process, from start to finish, I'll be with you

  • I will assist you with timing and provide a list of all documents you will need

  • I input all of the info into the website and handle the process for you

  • My fee for the legal services is $100

  • There are several fees to be paid that I include in my price so there are no hidden fees or surprises

Total Cost $200 *

* Price if I perform your ceremony


My Philosophy

  • Anybody, Everybody: I support any two, legally-aged people in love.  Traditional, LGBTQ, anybody, everybody.

  • Anytime, Anywhere: Sunrise, sunset, late-night. Wherever you want to get married!  So many options...

  • Your ceremony is customized for you and reflects your life. Religious scale of 0-10, how you met, positive energy!

  • My ceremonies are about you both, not me or my life.

  • Regardless of everything, there may be family/friends that can't attend; we will wish them peace and happiness.

  • It's all about you and what you want! 

My Policies

  • Payment Terms: $100 non-refundable deposit due with signed contract, balance due 14 days prior.

  • Payments can be made with PayPal or directly with any major credit card.

  • I will NOT perform any ceremony if either party is overly intoxicated.

  • Ceremonies must start at the scheduled time; if over 60 minutes late the ceremony may be canceled with no refunds.

  • That's about all - I'm not real big on policies and rules.


Referral Services

Experienced wedding professionals are ready to assist you with every detail:


  • Arch and speaker rental available

  • Wedding planners, full/partial

  • Hair/make-up, in room

  • Venues for ceremony, rehearsal dinner, celebration, day after...

  • Massage services, in your room or on the beach (couples?  yes!)

  • Cakes, modern or classic

  • Music, transportation, everything