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Puerto Rico: Beach Weddings

Updated: May 6, 2021

beach wedding marriott san Juan

Puerto Rico is basically just a giant beach with a little bit of island, and all of it is perfect for and available to you as the backdrop for your destination wedding. No matter where you are staying on this 100x35 square mile island we can find a great beach location for you. Here are just some beach wedding options:

1) Resort Beaches - Every resort in PR has a spectacular beach, from Tres Palmas Inn in Rincon to La Concha in Condado to Wyndham Rio Mar in Rio Grande, this is the way to go if you want the details handled for you. Also popular for larger weddings (over 20 guests), PR resorts are happy to coordinate seating, arches, and any other details for your special day. Another advantage is the hotel can host your reception afterward, so you don't have to worry about anything.

PRO's: Easy and convenient, perfect for larger groups

CON's: $$$$

2) Public Beaches - Every beach in PR is public - there is no such thing as a private beach - and it is pretty easy to find great locations without a lot of people (more beaches than people = quiet hidden spots). The best part about our public beaches is that they are free to use for your wedding. The only caveat is that set-up requires a permit; set-up being chairs, arches and such, and the permit can cost about $1,000 or more depending on the complexity. Thus this option is better for small groups, but I have had many larger groups make it work with or without set-up.

PRO's: No cost, great for smaller groups (2 - 20), lots of options on location

CON's: Set-up requires permit/fees, no weather back-up

3) Vieques and Culebra - These are the larger, inhabited islands off of the northeast coast of PR (all part of PR) that are perfect for your beach wedding. Both are gorgeous and have incredible beaches, including Flamenco Beach on Culebra (one of the top beaches in the world). Both islands have great restaurants and bars, as well as hotels/accommodations for your guests. Both can be reached by air (about $100 round trip) or water (ferries cost $5 round trip, but are somewhat inconsistent in operations). Vieques is larger and has more refined services/amenities, and is more Americanized. Culebra is more classic Puerto Rican. An issue to be aware of, however, is that due to flight schedules your team (officiant, musicians, planner, etc) may need to stay overnight and return next morning, which will add the expense of accommodations in addition to travel costs.

PRO's: Unique locations, great for any size group

CON's: Travel between can be challenging and $$$

icacos island beach wedding puerto rico

4) Small islands - In addition to the "big" islands, there are 140 tiny islands off the coast of PR that are amazing locations for a smaller wedding. Imagine you and 20 of your closest friends boarding a catamaran, with music and beverages, and 30 minutes later you arrive at a small, beautiful sandy island. There you have a private, unique wedding ceremony, and then you and all of your guests can swim, snorkel, and lounge the rest of the day away, until the catamaran heads back with more beverages and (louder) music! [See my blog on boat weddings for more details] The catamaran companies can help with picking an island (they are the experts and know the latest conditions), but a few options are Icacos, Palomino, or Culebrita Islands.

PRO's: Unique locations, day-long event with food, beverages and fun-for-all

CON's: Weather issues

For a beach wedding in Puerto Rico, there are as many options as there are beaches! Let me help you find your dream beach location and let's get married! [Peace Love Weddings]

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