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About Tim

Hi! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! My name is Tim Blackford and I am a wedding officiant and minister based in Puerto Rico. With over 30 years' experience in the wedding/hospitality industry, I would love to work with you by offering a customized, personal wedding experience.  


Whether this is the first step toward your dream wedding or you have everything else planned out, I can assist at any level in the process. This is what my expertise means for you:

  • With a short phone/in-person talk, I get to know you both and write the first draft of your special wedding ceremony. I then send this to you, and take your feedback to edit the ceremony until you say it is perfect.

  • By getting to know you and what you want for your wedding, I am able to make the ceremony personal. Many guests have asked after a ceremony how long I have known the couple, when the answer is often that I met them for the first time that day/week (I tell the guest that it has been months in progress).

  • Getting legally married in PR is a challenging process; I am an expert and will work with you every step of the way to make this easy for you, including providing sample forms and being by your side here. I consult you both so you can know your options (getting legally married back home can be a better option), and I can help you decide what is best in your situation.

  • Service to you is my top priority! If I can't speak to you immediately, I will contact you promptly to answer any questions or to help in any way. I am here for you!

So, whether you want to get married on a secluded beach, in the El Yunque National Rainforest, or say "I Do" on a sailboat at sunset, your dream wedding is within reach in Puerto Rico. If you are ready to proceed to the next step, I will get started right away! Contact me today to reserve your date and Let's Get Married!!

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Things to Know About PR

1. PR is a territory of the United States.

2. No passport required, and no customs.

3. Marriages in PR are accepted and recognized in all US states.

4. PR has 2 inhabited islands, Culebra and Vieques, with several smaller islands, all of which you can get married on.

5. The drinking age in PR is 18 years old.

6. Both Spanish and English is spoken, and it is easy to get by with either.

7. El Yunque Rainforest is managed by the US Forest Service, and they do a great job.

8. There is daily ferry service to Vieques and Culebra.  Cost is $2.50  There is also flight service, from $40.

9. Driving is easy and rental cars are cheap.  It's a little crazy, but no worries.

10. The economy is good, the people are great, and crime is low.


Any questions just contact me!

What You Need to Get Married in PR

These are the things you need to get legally married in PR (everyone):


1. Valid photo ID (driver's license, state ID card or passport)

2. Birth certificates.

3. Divorce decrees from all previous marriages, or in the case of death, death certificates.

4. Laboratory Work: blood/urine test results (Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, H.I.V.)

5. Signatures (1 piece of paper, print names and sign above).  This serves as your signature on the early documents.



I make this as easy as possible!

9 Things I Love About PR

1. Old San Juan - A great place to tour, eat, drink, and shop in a city built in 1521.

2. Beach! - With more than 300 miles of all-public beach, you can find yours!

3. El Yunque Rainforest - The only tropical US rainforest, great hiking, and picnicking.

4. Culebra Island - Little island with a lot.  Flamenco Beach is world Top-10.

5. Island catamaran tours - Great staffs take you to snorkel, eat, drink, and play.

6. Condado - World-class restaurants with world-class views.  And shopping, and...

7. West Side - Rincon, Aguadilla, many more; surfing and eating/drinking, fun!

8. Vieques Island - Amazing beaches and great restaurants.  I LOVE IT there!

9. The People of PR - Nice and very friendly.  They Love life and their isla!


For specific information on any of these great PR destinations, contact me!

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