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Puerto Rico: In The Know - PR Weather Explained

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

**This blog applies to NE PR: Old San Juan through Fajardo, including Condado and Luquillo.**

Today I am addressing the prevalence to look at weather apps, which forecast rain in Puerto Rico almost every day. The truth is that it does rain most days on the northeast side of the island. [See the huge purple ring on the map, that is El Yunque National Rainforest, and it gets 200+ inches of rain a year - but it's a rainforest after all.] For all of us at the base of El Yunque, the odds are very good that it is going to rain most days.

The good news? Most rain storms are over and pass by within an hour, often less. It will literally go from bright, sunny day to dark and stormy, leave an inch of rain, and be back to clear skies in 40 minutes. That's life on a tropical island, so be prepared but don't let it slow you down, a little rain never hurt anyone!

[Bridal Tip: If it's raining or threatening to, it will probably pass within 30 minutes. Alternatively, getting married in a light rain on the beach is amazing; heavy rain not so much...]

BONUS: A temperature variance chart, just for fun. The humidity is pretty mild, so it's usually nice and warm. Dress for it - shorts or light pants, linen, you know: tropical island clothes.

[Local Knowledge: definitely bring a light wrap/scarf, restaurants can be very cold.]

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