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Puerto Rico: Awesome Wedding - Boats & Islands

So, you want something different for your wedding in Puerto Rico? Imagine this: You and your spouse-to-be get on a fast catamaran on a beautiful sunny day, and the boat heads for Icacos Island. After a morning of snorkeling and swimming, followed by a fun lunch on-board, you, your photographer and your officiant find an isolated spot on the tiny island where you, in one of life's greatest moments, join together in vows of marriage. Then you get back on the boat for free-flowing cocktails and party music as the boat returns to harbor. Just the 2 of you, no problem; have 20 guests, even better!

Or perhaps this: Get married aboard the majestic ship Amazing Grace (right), followed by a gourmet dinner for you and your guests as the refurbished pirate ship sails the San Juan Harbor into the sunset while serenaded by a 3-piece ensemble. Dream wedding material right there, amigos!

But these are my favorite kind of dreams, the ones you can go out and do! There are several companies that can make this happen (below), from small to large. That means you can charter an entire catamaran for the day for your group - tuxedos or swimsuits, whatever you dream of - for much less than you'd pay for a traditional wedding. Two people, small group, large group, gourmet or hot dogs, this will be a wedding everyone will remember!

East Island Excursions [877.937.4386,] is tops in Caribbean. They have a wide selection of boats and destinations, including both in the pictures above.

Sail Getaway [787.860.7327,] offers terrific options on either a motor yacht or sailing catamaran, and will ensure that your day is outstanding and super fun, but affordable!

Traveler Catamaran [787.567.4495,] is one boat, but a great team and they'll make certain everyone has an incredible time with super reasonable rates!

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